Here We Are

Sarah and I talked about it early on in the relationship, the idea of kids, but at that part of the dating stage neither of us knew exactly what was in store for us. Fast forward three years and she’s waking me up from a really great dream to share an even more amazing reality. “We’re Pregnant!”….. I’ve always had this idea of being a dad: sharing my knowledge and experiences with my children; pushing the stroller through the park; the idea of being a stay-at-home dad; having pillow forts and pillow fights. Was it a dream? I wouldn’t say that, but I knew it was something that I wanted and aspired to be. You hear people say, “Oh – I’m great with kids.” or “Kids love me,” I’ve always believed that about myself and the idea I’d be a great dad – maybe it’s the fact that I’m still a kid at heart. Finding joy in watching cartoons, playing video games, or losing track of time because I’m having a blast outside. Or maybe it’s the inspiration from my own dad and his efforts he put into my family life growing up. The love and care he showed to better the lives of his kids. There were hardships but he’s someone who I still look up to and go to for advice. But all that self hype and motivation didn’t really prepare me for actually seeing the little plus (+) sign on the pee stick. I smiled, I grinned, I laughed, I cried. The opportunity to become the dad I always envisioned myself as, is now bear hugging my wife. And when they arrive, we’ll have our arms stretched out ready to hold them as mom and dad, proudly saying “Here we are.”

What Now?

It’s definitely something that we had to ask each other. The kid we’ve been planning and hoping for has started their journey and is bringing us along. This blog is about the challenges and general recaps of how pregnancy and fatherhood are changing my life. I want to document the process as a first time dad; I want to see how I grow and evolve as my kid continues to in their mother’s belly. Maybe this is a way to keep friends and family updated during COVID-19 and beyond; this could be something that other soon-to-be dads can read to know they’re not alone; or even those who are currently dads can use to reflect on their first time dad experience. But if no one else reads this, it’ll be something I use as my journal to document my life as a father. Something I can pull up years from now (let’s say their teenage years) and point out just how much a pain in the ass they were as a baby. This is it, I’m committed to being everything I know they’ll expect out of me. I have many role models who have kids of their own; I’ve seen how great they are and I’ll do my best to learn from them. I’m in the club now – I’m a dad, I got my invitation and it simply read:

Welcome to The Dad Experience!

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